Congratulations on your purchase
Your La-Z-Boy Furniture is made in high specification and standards under the license of La-Z-Boy Incorporated, Michigan, USA., especially designed to sit and/or recline (*Only Recliner Models) support a maximum weight of 120 kg.
The warranty only covers a normal use, specifically the malfunction of the mechanism, frame, foam, leather or fabric covers, including the electronic components that come with the products. These are all covered by the warranty based on the date on a warranty card and receipt.
Please Note For The Warranty :
  • Show a valid warranty card and receipt.
  • Only support in a domestic use.
  • Not cover any uses in misuse and/or anything in excess 120 kg. (a maximum support)
  • Not cover any modifications that are not allowed by the company.
  • In case of beyond the warranty period, any claim after the warranty period will be on chargeable basis.
Contact : Melandas Indonesia - the authorized of La-Z-Boy distributor in Indonesia Tel: 021 2967 2518
Warranty Conditions
10 Year Warranty : Recliner Mechanism (where applicable)
10 Year Warranty : Frame ( For products ordered from 2020 onwards)
2 Year Warranty : Leather
The warranty of leather will not be covered:
1. The nature of Leathers after its use: ex. wrinkled, ridged / creased or skin and color changed such as skin fading or cracking in a topical area.
2. In case of misuse or lack of maintenance by the instructions: ex. Pen marks, Scratched by pets, Liquid exposure, Leather decompose and torn from the seam stitching or chemicals that make leather stain or crack and any accidents.
*Top layer leather (Top Grain) - Due to bleaching process, there is a chance of visiible nature's imperfections (scratches, scars, etc.) comparing dyed and embossed processes, well maintainand care is required.
2 Year Warranty : Foam
Foam and Fiber will be tightly compressed a little over time. This is considered normal. An unusual deflate of foam (more than 2 cm.) will be covered by the warranty excepting any fiber deflate.
1 Year Warranty : Fabric & Electrical Components
Fabric Covers (Not Included Aprons) - Please note the warranty does not apply to fabric covers provided by the other suppliers, or defects arising from negligence or misuse such as soiling, fading, wrinkling, creasing, accidents or imprudent cleaning.
Electronic Components - Do not cover a damage caused by short circuit, natural disasters or user negligence.
1. PowerRecline XR+ (1HT) and Lift Recliner (TPL,TBR) product extend the warranty period for electronic components from 1 year to 2 years.
2. Nordic Collection is an imported product with 2 years structural and leather warranty.