To follow the privacy policy of protecting customer personal data, Melandas Indonesia. ("Company") ensures to treat and protect our customer privacy when using our service. The privacy policy may vary following different campaigns or services, hence please read below for more information. 


1. Collecting Personal Information

Company will collect personal identification information from customers in the most appropriate way. We will collect personal information from customers only if they voluntarily submit such information to us (excluding as required by law). A phone call may be recorded to establish the existence of facts relevant to the business and as a part of management check. 


2. Managing Personal Information

The company adopts appropriate data collection, storage, and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of customer personal information. 

In the case that the company requires external personnel, the company will process and advise the said third party as appropriate to ensure that customer data information is secured and passed appropriately in contracts.


3. Use of Personal Information

Company will use the collected customer information under the following purposes:
3.1. To provide our company newsletter via an online channel.
3.2. To provide an order confirmation and a shipping notice.
3.3. To ask for reviews for a product or service.
3.4. To collect entries of company campaigns, questionnaires, and giveaway congratulation gift for participants
3.5. To send magazine.
3.6. To take feedback from the customer for a product and service improvement.
3.7. To provide an update on particular services or new arrival products.
3.8. To respond to any questions from customers.

The company will take appropriate care when using the customer data that is collected to protect the rights of customers. In addition, the company will not use the customer data for purposes other than those specified above without the customer's permission. (Except in cases where customers have given consent in advance or as required by law)


4. Sharing Personal Information

To satisfy the customer need, the company may share customer information to third parties to the extent necessary to provide the service. The company takes responsibility for delivering and managing personal data in this matter. 


5. Procurement, disclosure, amendment, and suspension of personal information usage

Company has no policy of sharing personal information to any third parties except for the following cases:
5.1. When there is the consent of the customer to third parties outside the company.
5.2. When the company receives legal questions from a government agency such as a court or police.
5.3. When the actions of the customer on the company's website may cause damage to the rights of the company properties or services and consider it as necessary to take steps to protect.
5.4. When urgent information is needed to protect a person's body or property, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent.
5.5. When sharing information with a group of companies within the scope necessary to respond to requests from customers.


6. Maintenance of internal systems

The company is committed to protecting customers' personal information by establishing internal regulations regarding the protection of personal data based on privacy policies and by issuing orders to manage personal information continuously to staff.


7.  Use of cookies

Cookies will be used on some pages of this website. Cookies are technology for communication between the server of the site and the browser. Through cookies, it is able to specify which browser the customer uses, but will not specify customer personal information with cookies. The user history of the company's website will be recorded by the user, making the use of the internet becomes useful. The use of cookies is widely used as a standard technology of the internet and is used in many ways for improving customer convenience. It shows advertisements to customers and collects statistics when using services from company partners Information received from the use of cookies. The obtained information is reported as a summary of the company and business partners. The report of customer visit data may be used to send company advertisements to other websites that customers visit. Customer can manually change the cookie settings to block cookies.

However, if cookies are blocked, the customer may not be able to use certain services on that website. Besides, it depends on the usage environment of the customers. (Browser settings Internet connection) may not be able to block cookies in some cases.


8. Inspection

The company will review guidelines for protecting personal information and will take appropriate measures to improve. Please note that the company may change the privacy policy without prior notice. Updated policies will be shown on this page.


9. Question

Please contact the company's customer service center (021 2967 2518) for inquiries regarding privacy policies. Requests regarding disclosure or correction of customer information or suspension of use "Social Media Policy".